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District 16, Area 73

of Alcoholics Anonymous

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Please note: Due to COVID-19, some groups are temporarily closed.

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A.A. Announcements

District 16 is hosting the
2024 Area 73 Convention
The next planning committee meeting is
Sunday, April 7 at 5pm
on Zoom
Email treasurer@aawv.org for more info.
Candlelight meditaiton
Saturdays @ 9pm
at 17 Club
399 Crowl St in Westover, behind the old Shop n Save

Next District Meeting

District meetings are held on the last Sunday of each month at 2pm.

  • Due to Easter March's meeting is postponed one week.

April 7 at 2pm

on Zoom & In-Person @ Club 17

399 Crowl St, Westover, 26501

(check online meeting list for zoom code)


  • join a service committee
  • learn more about A.A.'s service structure
  • participate in service below the group level
  • help carry the message of A.A.


  • 2024 Area Convention Planning Committee

Attend and help carry the message of A.A. in this District and beyond. A.A. members are needed to serve.

A.A. members in Monongalia, Preston, and Taylor counties are encouraged to attend & participate!

District 16 Committees

Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC)

Purpose: To build relationships with and provide information to professionals and professional students on what A.A. is, what we do and don’t do, and how to get in touch with A.A. in District 16.

Click the link below for a pdf with more information about the C.P.C. committee in District 16

Upcoming Events

District 16 Calendar